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On Thursday, August 16, join us in hosting and
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This is a novel about the lovable but dysfunctional Lake family
of Cape Cod and the four fraught days that will make or break them.
Yours to enjoy as Cape Cod is one of favorite summer places.

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July 25, 2014

Readers are speaking in hushed tones about this being the fast approaching
end of Summer 2014.  This month has been full of activity for us and August promises
to be even more dynamic.

Burgundy Books joined the world of Marcia Clark, if even for an evening.

The Competition by Marcia Clark

At the event, Marcia was charming, interesting and brilliant.  Readers
learned a lot from her research and experiences in the courtroom.

Angelina P. Raffone our event reviewer wrote about The Competition and said:

The Competition

          The Competition is more than just your summer reading, jaw-clenching, whodunit mystery novel.
  (Although it is all of those things!)  Marcia Clark, the ever witty and charming woman,
known most famously for her involvement in the OJ Simpson trial, writes a novel that can be described
d as purely stunning.  Clark’s inside knowledge of the way in which school shootings are handled
shines brightly through The Competition, allowing readers to feel as if they are truly a character in the book.
  A range of emotions will filter and sift through your body as you read it,
and the ending will leave you surprised and aghast!  Overall, The Competition is memorable, and that is really one
of the most important qualities you can ask for out of a book.